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Sound measurement of an evacuation system

5An important part of the completion of an evacuation system is the final sound measurement.

The principles of the Program of Requirements of an evacuation system must be checked with calibrated equipment. This measurement consists of two parts:

-the dB measurement
-the STI measurement

With a dB-meter we measure the volume level. The intelligibility is measured with the STI-meter. Even though an evacuation signal has enough volume, the signal can be totally unintelligible. Therefore, the two measurements have to be done in order to show that the quality is sufficient.

The STI measurement is particularly a labor-intensive measurement. The associated report provides information in order to make minor changes in the structure of your property to optimize the intelligibility. That is what makes the STI measurement extremely important.

Of course we are capable of providing these measurements and reports. We are even asked to take care of these measurements in already realized projects (even with non-TMCDAS equipment). Since we are specialists, we can advise you when it comes to the finer points of evacuation systems.

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