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Preventive maintenance

2An evacuation system is an autonomous system. The evacuation system should be checked regularly for correct operation.

The standard NEN 2654-2 describes the requirements for management, control and maintenance of evacuation systems in buildings, whereby the equipment and cabling are not integrated with other systems.

Maintenance requires a disciplinary approach of the manager at first, and secondly the maintenance party. The maintenance party has the obligation to ensure that the evacuation system will function within the requirements. The maintenance party should also work according to the mentioned standard.

Only then you can be sure that the evacuation system is functioning correctly. Naturally, TMCDAS works according to this standard. The methods and reports are based upon the standard NEN 2654-2

After installation, the evacuation system is with us in right hands. We can offer you different types of contracts for preventive maintenance. It is important to check what your obligation is as a manager. Firefighters and insurance companies may oblige you to perform annual maintenance, and you also have to demonstrate this.

You have a big liability and it is very inconvenient if you have unpleasant surprises after a calamity.

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