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Design of an evacuation system

4An evacuation system is always customized. Therefore, a good design is necessary in every situation. In a large number of locations we find a project of the evacuation system nowadays. However, many clients appreciate our expertise and invite us to take a critical look at the project. It often appears that we recognize imperfections in an early stage of the project.

Evacuation is an complicated and delicate job that needs to be realized by specialists. TMCDAS is such a specialist.

The basic principle for a project is the right application of the appropriate system components. Of course we use standard components from our CE certified portfolio.

A good design of an evacuation system starts with a good projection of the speakers. This design needs to be in compliance with the taylor made local requirements. In addition, a design should be made of the number of zones. In practice it means that the zone classification should be parallel with the zones from the fire alarm system.

We take a close look at the cable routing, because at correct projection money can be saved. Cooperation with the enigneering company is very important, as we understand this matter. After the speaker positions are determined, we can determine the configuration of the evacuation center and the other principles.

Designing such a system is particularly time consuming and must be performed meticulously and carefully. Our company can make such a design because of our well-trained project consultants. An evacuation system designed by us, meets all the requirements of the applicable standards.

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