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The evacuation systems of TMCDAS are located in different disciplines. From cinemas to industry and from hotels to airports. We have a reference featured below of each discipline. If you click on the category you will see all related references.


Erasmus Medical Center

EMC is a large complex with several buildings. Most buildings have an independent central. However, some buildings have a common central where we have projected various zones for various buildings. Characteristic of the total system is a situation where we have connected old and new systems together. EMC contains a total of six evacuation centers. The famous Sophia Children Hospital is also equipped by TMCDAS with a TC8200 evacuation system.




Noordgastransport is a complex for distribution of natural gas from the North Sea to various users. There is an evacuation system supplied to evacuate an area of 900 x 500 meters. Given the nature of the installations everything is performed EX (explosion proof), which was also a requirement of the customer. In consultation with the customer is decided to control three heavy speakers from a central point. These speakers produce 140dB sound at one meter distance.


Office complexes

World Trade Center Amsterdam

The WTC in Amsterdam consists of several complexes. Several systems have been delivered over the years. One central is suitable for controlling the speakers on a total of 29 floors. The is also a central for the low-rise. The smaller tower of the WTC complex is also controlled by a separate central. The security lodge features a central control panel.



Deltion College Zwolle

Deltion College is a large multifunctional complex of 110.000m2, which consists of several educational facilities. From the perspective of evacuation much attention should be given to the evacuation system.

Due to the specific nature of the complex the audio features were simply not easy. TMDAS has solved this with great craftsmanship.



Culture Building Hoofddorp

The Culture Building Hoofddorp consists of four independent centrals for the locations Pier K, The Meerse Theatre, Library and Duykers. The Culture Building is a landmark building in the center of Hoofddorp. Especially in such an environment, where large concentrations visitors are, the highest demands are set on evacuation systems. TMCDAS is particularly chosen as a supplier because it meets these requirements.



Double Tree Hilton

Double Tree Hilton is a big hotel next to the Central Station in Amsterdam. The evacuation system controls nearly 650 speakers. The hotel has over 600 rooms and is generally well occupied. Because of the complex architecture many speakers were needed to achieve the desired audio performance.




Some of the cinemas of the Pathé organization are provided with an evacuation system by our company. In cinemas high acoustic requirements apply. Our speakers can meet those requirements. Currently, there are evacuation systems realized in Pathé Arena, The Kuip and The Munt.


Shopping centers

Shopping center Zaailand

The evacuation system is multifunctional and provides, besides the evacuation facility, also the background music in shopping center Zaailand in Leeuwarden. The evacuation system was completed in 2012 and is now fully operational. The system contains about 140 speakers.



Courthouse of Zwolle

Courthouse of Zwolle is currently an old TC8000 system. This will soon be replaced by a modern TC8200 system. Also courthouses are complex installations from the audio point of view. This is due to the high ceilings and lots of reflections. In addition, there are various sanctuaries areas such as cells and courtrooms. Especially here you can not simply evacuate, how contradictory this might sound. The central equipment is operated from a central point. The applied speakers should also be of the highest quality. TMCDAS delivers this quality.



Sports Hall Wijchen (Arcus)

Sports Hall Wijchen is an evacuation system where high demands had already been formulated in the offer phase regarding sound levels and STi values (intelligibility). The standard requirement according to the NEN2575, 82dB for environment with high ambient noise was not sufficiently accepted and was required 10dB above the maximum sound level of 90dB. The evacuation system had to provide 100dB sound on the tribune while the speakers were only projected above the field. Finally, TMCDAS mounted special speakers with a sound pressure of 114dB according to the requirement. The evacuation system is completed with a sound pressure of 105dB on the tribune, totally complying with the special requirement.



Office Schiphol Centre

Office Schiphol Centre is a special system consisting of a Master/Slave configuration. According to the requirement of the NEN2575 this installation is cabling-technical built redundant by separate fire compartments. TMCDAS has its own interface to accomplish this. In the lodge is a central control panel built to control both centrals.



Hermitage Amsterdam

The Hermitage is one of the most important museums in Amsterdam. The system is built with standard equipment. In addition, the system automatically delivers the closing texts in a predetermined interval.


Other references

Evoluon Eindhoven

The famous Evoluon, which Netherlander does not know this building. The building is a monument. This means that there could not be drilled or screwed. Therefore, in consultation with the execution, we looked for other solutions. All speakers are mounted in gaps in the balustrades. We were able to meet the requirements, partly because of our high quality speakers.




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