TC8200 Loop monitor technology

Loop monitor technology

The TC8200 loop monitor is a solitary device which is connected to the zone output circuitry of a voice alarm evacuation system. It will control the loudspeaker line on its performance on short circuit or breached line behavior by using a loop. The speaker line is powered from two sides so that if there is a failure on one side of the loop, the speakers remain powered. This massively increases the reliability of the evacuation speakers during an emergency evacuation.

The TC8200 meets all the requirements of the EN54-16 standards, ensuring a safe and reliable emergency evacuation. The system is available as a DIN rail module or 19” rack version. For most applications, a solution can be provided together with IS8200 isolators.

TC8200 Loop monitor DIN rail module

The system is built with an IO zone C-board and a maximum of four IO PCB-B boards. The PCB-B board can power 60 isolators in a speaker line and controls the signal path in two ways: from left to right and vice versa. The IO PCB-B board has  its own on-board power supply to power the loop.


A block of four outputs of the voice alarm system is connected to the A-B loop monitor. The loop monitor has a total of 5 PCB’s:


  • One IO zone PCB zone C which is a cable interface
  • Four IO zone PCB-B PCB’s which is the loop detector (four loops)

In the architecture there is always a block of four zone output devices connected to the A-B loop monitor device. The PCB-B has got four connections:


  • A1 and A4 as outgoing to the first loudspeaker in the loop;
  • B2 and B3 as incoming from the last loudspeaker.



The two outer connections of the green output connector are for the A-path. The inner connectors are for the B path, the so called returning path of the loop.


The TC8200 loop system has full control of the loop and will detect the following faults:


  • Short circuit in the loop cabling
  • Breach of line in the loop circuit.


Mandatory requirement in EN54-16:

Detection of errors in loop need to be recorded within 100 seconds.


  • Short circuit will be detected immediately
  • Open line within 100 second


The PCB-B board has four relays to switch the incoming and outgoing plus and minus.

The PCB-B is connected to the IS8200 isolators in the loop

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