Housing for indoor applications

In case you do a canvassing for an evacuation central you will see that the housing is usually an indoor system cabinet . When used in buildings, the system cabinet is typically implemented as a 19’’ system housing. 19’’ system construction is in the world of electronics and electrical engineering a standard and has the advantage of easy implementation of system components for evacuation centrals that are involved elsewhere.

Technically minded people love this kind of system construction, but it also has advantages for the user. System cabinets according to this principle also require a clear design, cabling and installation. 19’’ system components are of high quality and easy to mount.

‘’The end result is an organized system where everything is mounted tight and orderly’’

System cabinets very often have mechanical ventilation. This is something you should seriously pay attention to. Mechanical ventilation has the major disadvantage of sucking dust inside the cabinet. Dust is hydrostatic, so it attracts moisture and this will guaranteed cause problems over time, usually on connectors or connections of electronic components on the circuit boards.

The reliability of the system will eventually deteriorate. Dust is a major cause of equipment failures. It is no coincidence that during a preventive maintenance a system cabinet is to be vacuumed, at least it should be.

Often through better design and electronics choices, the heat can decrease and mechanical ventilation is not necessary anymore. 

Natural air currents, called convection, is the best solution and also the most durable on long term. Besides, fans are even notorious energy consumers. Another reason for not applying ventilation systems.

In short, if you make choices, those are points of attention. Even as a non-technician you can determine quickly whether a system is build with care. A cluttered looking system also says something about the organization building them. It also says something about the software used in the evacuation system. I have worked long enough in the technique sector to know that this rule almost always applies.

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