Audio amplifiers with speaker line monitoring

The audio amplifiers of a type A system is a component with heavy requirements. An important part of the type approval of an evacuation system is focused on the audio component.

Within the audio world, we recognize different types of amplifiers which can be organized in a particular class nowadays. The class says something about the type of amplifying.

‘’Caution! This has nothing to do with type A and type B evacuation systems’’

We actually see so-called Class A, Class B and Class D amplifiers. It is beyond this to go in detail. We still see a lot of application of Class A and B amplifiers. In terms of yield not very great, but very reliable and that is something compelling in an evacuation system.

The disadvantage of Class A and B is that for a high power amplifier many electronics are needed. This is not preferred seeing the amount of energy and space that is needed.

We are currently seeing a rise of class D amplifiers, also called digital amplifier. With these amplifiers we have the ability to produce high power quite easy. Class D amplifiers have relatively few components and therefore they are less susceptible to interference. In short, I expect a rise of Class D amplifiers in the next few years.

For the application of large speaker broadcasting networks as well as for evacuation we often use 100 Volt technology.
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