Two-sided feeding

The two-sided feeding of the speaker system is in-house developed and produced and is the most safe evacuation system currently available on the market. By using a loop wiring with speaker isolators, a system with very high reliability is obtained which can not be matched by traditional, expensive speaker cabling systems.

‘These isolators comply with the requirements in the standard EN54-17’

The monitoring of the speaker network is being performed by applying a standard loop wiring along all the speakers. In the speaker an isolator is used which will interrupt the loop between the isolators in case of a short circuit, interruption or grounding fault. Because the loop is operating on two sides, the speaker will not malfunction when a wire breaks or when there is a short circuit. Upon recovery of the error, the switched-off part will be automatically switched on again.

By using a two-sided feeding system, you will save considerably on the cabling and installation costs. Another advantage is that more speakers can be connected to a cable.

Since the isolator is already mounted on or in the speaker, you will save enormous on installation time so the installer can provide you with a cheaper offer too.

‘Another great advantage of an integrated isolator is that the system can be immediately constructed according to page 35 of the NEN-2575-2004’

This system is fully compliant with the NEN2575-2004 and the current new European standard EN-54-17.
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