Public address systems versus voice alarm evacuation systems

Evacuation systems are more than public address systems.

Yet is some cases it still happens that standard public address systems are presented as an evacuation system. Unfortunately this is not always true.

There are quite a few demands on an evacuation system and additional requirements compared to a public address system. Mainly these requirements are related to the robustness and the internal security of the equipment.

‘Logical, because fire safety is not just something’

Reversed is allowed though. An evacuation system may also be used as a public address system and we see this application regularly.

Also a link from a public address system to a telephone for central broadcasting is realized frequently. Especially in situations with large floor areas and many people whom are not always present on their fixed workplace, is central broadcasting a pleasant facility. It is also allowed to use the evacuation system as a public address system.

The internal security of the evacuation systems belongs to the field of electronic monitoring of system components and the requirements are set out in product standards.

The robustness of the evacuation systems is reflected in the application of evacuation speakers. These speaker must comply with the toughest requirements. A speaker contains sensitive materials which are susceptible to fire. In an evacuation speaker improved materials, that still continue to work in a fire situation for a guaranteed period, are used.

These requirements are also included in a product standard. This product standard is used during type tests to determine that these products comply with the minimum requirements listed in these standards.

‘In short, one can not only use an amplifier with microphone and speaker for an evacuation system’

We will explain this later to you and then you will also understand that evacuation systems are very valuable because of their complex electronics. Precisely these electronics must continue to work as long as possible in a precarious situation to save people’s lives. This is not just something and therefore the highest demands are needed on the equipment.

Again, the product standards are the minimum requirements for the equipment. These minimum requirements are tested in a type test. Only approved equipment is your assurance that you are making a good investment, and protects you from potential liabilities after an unpleasant event.
Anil Kumar Bolar

Anil Kumar Bolar

on 10 Oct 2021

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on 17 Dec 2020

Great Blog! Thank you for sharing the information about Public address systems vs voice alarm system

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