Type A evacuation system

The type A evacuation system is another kind of evacuation system than a B installation.

The A system is always an autonomous system, which is connected to a fire panel. The control panel sends a command via a general alarm or a zone alarm. The type A evacuation system has as a result of its autonomous character its own power supply with ditto emergency power supply facility.

An A system is always a spoken word installation. This means that these centrals emit spoken messages to an infrastructure of speakers. In the Dutch situation it is also required that from a central control panel via a microphone spoken announcements can be made by, for example, the fire department during a evacuation procedure.

Type A installations are mentioned in a Program of Requirements in the following situations:
  • The property has a floor area of at least 10.000m2 and/or
  • The property has four floors or more, and/or
  • The property can locate 500 or more persons at the same time.

What is a type B evacuation system?
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