TC8200 evacuation system

The TC8200 evacuation system is an autonomous type A evacuation central. The system includes input cards for links to external signaling equipment such as:

Fire panels
Sprinkler panels
CO/LPG detection system
PZI installation
Gas detection system

The internal processor card controls, on the basis of the activated inputs, the correct output zones.  Norm is that the system is suitable to control 128 inputs zones and 128 output zones. The system is equipped with relay output cards to control external equipment such as light panels and lifts.

The central amplifiers send the audio to the infrastructure of the speakers. The system is also equipped with a redundant amplifier, whereby optimum reliability is assured.

The internal uninterruptible power supply ensures proper operation in case of a power failure. In accordance to the current standard EN54-16 this emergency power supply will keep the system in business for at least 24 hours. The used batteries are of the latest generation AGM technology. These batteries guarantee a correct functioning over an extended period of time. These are more preferable as a gel, or lead-acid system.

The TC8200 evacuation system is fully monitored, both internally and externally, with the cables, control panels and the speakers being checked for failure, wire breakage and short circuit. All faults and messages are stored in a digital logbook, making it easy for the administrator to locate a fault.

‘The TC8200 evacuation system complies with all requirements as stated in the standard EN54-16. The internal power supplies complies with all the stringent requirements as mentioned in the standard EN54-4’

The TC8200 evacuation system is designed and developed in-house. This ensures we do not depend on third parties. This central is the successor of the TC8000.

All electronics are specified by us, and developed and produced in cooperation with  professional electronics builders. The quality of the applied modules is very high and thus it has a very low susceptibility to interference.

Developments in electronics are going very fast. However, we are conservative in nature and we do not ‘just’ make choices when it comes to technology. An evacuation system should not have to have the latest gadgets. The evacuation system should be functional and above all super reliable. The system should always work. A new development in a TC8200 system has a long testing period before it may be used.

If an office complex consists of several buildings, it is possible to arrange the managing through one evacuation system. All centrals are then linked using fiber optic technology. Each central is actually autonomous. Glass Link is used by our company more often because of the reliable properties.

The network system is a so-called Rapid Spanning Tree system that also secures the redundancy.

The messages are stored digitally. The voice messages are produced in professional sound studios and are optionally multilingual. The voices are always realized by native speakers. Voice messages can be delivered to customer specifications. Now we have a wide range of voice messages, so in most cases we can provide you the best suitable solution.

The control panel is very user friendly and is designed according to the requirements of NEN 2575. The geographical areas are also visible on the control panel.

‘Because of this it is immediately clear to anyone what to do in case of an emergency and there will be no panic’

The connected microphone is monitored to the voice coil and the control panel is connected via a data connection to the central. It is also possible to connect multiple panels to a central. This option is often chosen when there are several (fire)entrances in a building.

Additional Options

The TC8200 evacuation system can be extended with all kinds of controlling possibilities. For example, you can choose to control:
  • Switching off external music devices;
  • BMS system;
  • An external class time system;
  • Opening doors in an evacuation;
  • A signal for the start / end lessons in schools;
  • Receipt of controls of a CO / LPG installation

The speakers

There are two kinds of speakers, namely built-in speakers and wall speakers. The choice depends on the opportunities in the building and the preference of the architect.

The speakers have a high quality sound with a frequency range up to 18,000 Hz. Whether you want speakers for voice only or also for background music, these speakers always produce clear sound.

Looking for highly specialized speakers? TMCDAS provides speakers for all kinds of purposes. For example, we can also provide explosion proof or (splash) waterproof copies.

‘You are therefore assured of products with the highest quality’

Fast delivery time and an extensive assortment are guaranteed by us.
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