Evacuation alarms in offices

In offices are almost always fire alarm systems installed. Depending on the size of the property, as well as the simultaneous presence of persons, will a type A or type B evacuation system have to be installed.

We will only discuss the type A installation.

These systems ensure zonewise evacuation in an emergency. Evacuation alarms in offices seems a reasonable standard application. However, the simple looking system can cause a big headache if the projection is not made correctly in the design phase.

This evacuation systems can be bulky, due to the large amount of speakers in offices, as well as the often frequent number of small offices and meeting rooms. Each room has at least one speaker, because the internal walls mute 30 to 50 dB. The requirement of 65 dB is often not easy to achieve when a too small amount of speakers is used. Many installers already experienced this during a commissioning.

''These are expensive lessons, so look before you leap!''

In the past 20 years TMCDAS has installed ten thousands m2 of offices, and we can rightly say that we are true specialist in the office environment. The design of an evacuation system is a job for specialists, and that is TMCDAS.

A small tip! Do not place speakers near an elevator shaft. If you going to broadcast zonewise it will be audible on all floors through the shaft, and that is an undesirable situation. Also, we usually do not project speakers in stairwells. Because the sound will echo to all floors, it is hard to control the evacuation.
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