The future of evacuation systems in Hong Kong

The future of evacuation systems in Hong Kong

In October 2015 The Sound of Safety visited the exhibition electrionicAsia in Hong Kong. The fair is organized by the HKTDC and MMI Asia Pte Ltd, and takes place at the HKCEC. electronicAsia is one of the best sourcing events for components, assemblies, electronics, display technology and solar photovoltaic technologies.

Evacuation System 2.0TC8200 Compact evacuation systems

In order to ensure the safety of people in a building or complex, the application of an evacuation system is necessary. We’re talking about people’s  lives, and unfortunately, that is sometimes forgotten. Therefore The Sound of Safety is always looking for innovative products to enhance its own product line.

When an evacuation system isn’t operating properly, it can have fatal consequences. The purpose of an evacuation system is securing the safety of people, goods, buildings and the environment; thus, it is of essential importance that such a system is operational at all times.

Attendance at both national and international trade fairs in an important aspect in the management of The Sound of Safety. There is always room for improvement. To be apple to supply the best products, we continue to constantly develop our knowledgde of evacuation systems and (fire) safety management.

During the visit to the electronicAsia trade fair we have gained a lot of interesting information. When it comes to evacuation systems, we monitor developments very closely so that we can always offer a reliable product.

Evacuation is an abstract concept, but one thing is certain: when an evacuation system get activated there is definitely something going on. The impact of a disaster can be very intense, it is therefore of utmost importance that the production of sound is clear and understanable. People need to be alerted in the right way, but at the same time the sound should be distributed evenly so that the panic is reduced to a minimum. This is something we pay a lot of attention to during the design stage.

Evacuation system at The RotterdamTo illustrate: when there is something happening on the 12th floor of a 26 floors building, it is important that this floor is alarmed first. When all floors would be alarmed at the same time it could lead to major panic. By gradually clearing a building, we ensure that the emergency services can do their jobs better, and solve the problem as soon as possible.

The technique employed in evacuation systems will constantly change and improve. It is important that the products remain in development, to be able to work more safely and in order to better control a possible evacuation. The Sound of Safety is closely involved in the development of the new generation voice alarm evacuation systems – or as we like to call it: evacuation systems 2.0.

After all, this concerns the well-being of people’s lives, and that’s not something you should want to save money or resources on.

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