TMCDAS BV is a young organization, which took over the activities regarding to voice alarm evacuation systems from Taxametercentrale BV in 2010.

TMCDAS is a specialist in evacuation systems.

We can control the entire process:

  • Design
  • Production
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Authentication
  • The service and maintenance program

Why would you choose TMCDAS?

  • Completely specialized in voice alarm evacuation systems
  • Fully CE certified to EN54 standards
  • Added value by high knowledge of evacuation systems
  • Application of high efficiency speakers
  • One mounting point per speaker because of an integrated isolator
  • Total supplier for design, construction and specialized maintenance

For more information about evacuation systems we would like to refer to our knowledge base. It is also possible to request a quotation. This is entirely non-committal.

The sound of safety

Calmness and clear instructions. That is the key when in an emergency evacuation is required. Our company introduced in the ‘70s of the last century as a first ‘voice alarm’ evacuation systems in the Netherlands. Through specialistic knowledge and years of experience TMCDAS itself developed into the leader of this industry.



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