CE certificate EN54-17 for our isolator

CE certificate EN54-17 for our isolator

On Monday, June 25th 2013 our company received the CE certificate EN54-17 for our isolator. Our product range IS8200 isolator completed various tests successfully in the last period, performed by the testing institute CNBOP.

The process certification is done in late May and now TMCDAS has finished the whole process. This time, our company has gone  through this process in two months without having to make any product or process adjustments.
A speaker isolator must comply with the requirements of the product standard EN54-17:2005.

Download the CE certificate

Isolators have almost become a standard component in evacuation systems nowadays and offer many advantages. In our knowledge base you will find a number of articles about this subject. The application of isolators is currently a standard in the Netherlands. It is important that you make the right choices (TMCDAS!). You can now download the certificate at our website.

TMCDAS has already received a CE certificate, after all test and assessments, for our TC8200 evacuation central in 2012. We also supply a full range of certified speakers which are tested according to the EN54-24 requirements.
Therefore, TMCDAS is the only Dutch manufacturer that has all CE certificates for production and delivery of evacuation systems. A supplier of evacuation systems must at least have the following certificates:

  • EN54-16 and with a certified power supply according to EN54-4
  • EN54-17 for isolators
  • EN54-24 for the speakers.

Since July 1st 2013, the ‘old’ CPD regulation transferred to the CPR regulation. Read that article here.

If you think our isolator is a new product, we have to disappoint you. In the past three years we have installed more than 15.000 isolators in the Netherlands.

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