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Evacuation system JUBI The Hague

Evacuation system JUBI The Hague

Completion by TMCDAS of the evacuation system for the project JUBI The Hague.

The JUBI complex in The Hague is the new home for the employees of two ministries, Justice and Home Affairs.
In 2011 we received an order for the supply and commissioning of the evacuation system. Our client is Imtech in The Hague. Imtech has received the contract for a large number of electrical installations at this project and they were also responsible for the engineering.
In an early stage, during the electrical design, we have already provided a lot of input in this project.
Meanwhile TMCDAS fulfilled all obligations and we have done the official handover to our client. The main contractor was even ready two months earlier than the scheduled construction time.
Which is often different. Overall a wonderful project that we can add to our reference portfolio again.

About this project is a case study produced which can be viewed here.

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