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Evacuation system building ‘The Rotterdam’

Evacuation system building ‘The Rotterdam’

Mission to TMCDAS for delivery and commissioning of the evacuation systems at building ‘The Rotterdam’

TMCDAS has received the order for the prestigious project ‘Building the Rotterdam’ to deliver the evacuation systems. Engineering company Croon Rotterdam, part of the TBI group, has finally indicated their interest in the system of TMCDAS from Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands. In 2013 we will deliver a total of five complete evacuation systems. The systems are interconnected via a redundant fiber network for central control. The technology used for this project is ‘rapid spanning tree’.

The building was designed by renowned architect Rem Koolhaas and covers a total of over 160.000m2. The height of the object will be approximately 150 meters.
The skyline of Rotterdam will be more beautiful with this outstanding design. For an impression of the Rotterdam use this link:

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